Infrastructure Solutions

Connect to Africa’s most extensive ICT data infrastructure. SEACOM provides access to dark fibre pairs across its entire national network and offers hosting facilities for clients’ equipment at open-access data centres country-wide.

Transmission Solutions

Access SEACOM’s secure, dedicated and scalable point-to-point transmission connectivity between our Points of Presence (PoPs) nationally and internationally.

Transit Solutions

Access SEACOM’s Global and African IP Transit solutions which provide flexible, scalable and cost-effective Tier-1 Internet connectivity for African ISPs and content providers with industry-leading SLAs.

Carrier Ethernet Solutions

SEACOM’s Ethernet Services provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint EoMPLS or layer-2 Ethernet connectivity between major African and International interconnection points and provides remote peering on major internet exchanges.

Global Carrier Services

SEACOM offers Direct Internet Access with high-speed, dedicated, SLA-backed, Tier-1 symmetrical Internet bandwidth, together with Carrier Ethernet solutions for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity between major African and international connection points.